Intuitive Lifestyle Success Podcast

episode 96 Are You a Starseed?

June 28, 2023 Cathleen Miller Season 1 Episode 96
Intuitive Lifestyle Success Podcast
episode 96 Are You a Starseed?
Show Notes

Internationally acclaimed master intuitive Cathleen Miller shares expert insights and tips for you to be more inspired into your own business + wellness Intuitive Lifestyle Success. 

June 2023 podcast theme is on the question are you a starseed? Cathleen shares empowering tips to invite more questions around this topic to discover what may be relevant for you. 

Calling all Starseeds! 

Watch the July 2023 replay of the Starseed Global Alchemy Team's group session with Cathleen Miller. During this intro, we discussed why this topic is so relevant to the collective at this time. Watch here >>

In the Starseed Global Alchemy group, you'll unlock the secrets of harnessing starseed energies and tap into your own extraordinary gifts and abilities. Together, let's contribute to creating a world of greater balance and peace for ourselves and our beloved planet Earth.

Our 6-month series kicks off on July 29, 2023, at 11:00 am CST (US) / 17:00 UTC-5, offering an incredible journey that includes:

 Experience the power of group interaction and play with our monthly group facilitation.

 Receive Starseed channeled guidance specifically tailored for group development.

 Monthly energy assignments are designed to enhance and expand your own skills.

 Embrace the opportunity to unlock your own unique gifts and collaborate with others in a nurturing and supportive space.

 Enjoy monthly healing activations as they align with the group’s needs.

 Co-create with like-minded souls that are here to be the change.

 Clearing/activating relevant lifetimes will allow you to open your unique skills.

Are you ready to join us? For more information or to sign up, visit!

*Always seek medical approval before making any health or lifestyle changes. This podcast is in no way a substitute or advisement for medical or licensed care of any kind.  

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